5 ways to bring Quebec to the table!

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We realize more than ever the importance of buying local. That's why we're taking this opportunity to suggest five ways to shine a light on our Quebec culture over a good meal!

  1. Buy local products

If you don’t have time to get to the market, it is still possible to buy local at the grocery store. Just keep a lookout for the array of Quebec products on offer. From baguettes to cases of strawberries, not forgetting a variety of dairy products, there is certainly no lack of choice. We challenge you to fill a 100% Quebec basket the next time you go to your supermarket.

  1. Make recipes using seasonal foods

Explore new flavours and expand your repertoire of recipes by planning your menu according to the fruits and vegetables in season! To find out about the different varieties of food available depending on the harvest, see our article on the topic.

  1. Toast the health of Quebecers

No matter your taste, there will be a vineyard in the Eastern Townships, a microbrewery in the Gaspé or a distillery in the Lower St. Lawrence that will please you. Let's raise our glasses to the many producers, each more talented than the last, that we are lucky enough to have in Quebec!

  1. Encourage local food festivals

It is sometimes difficult to know where our food comes from. In Quebec, we are lucky to have festivals whose mission is to promote and celebrate our culture. Le Festival de la Grande Gourmandise, which will be held in Boucherville and Tremblant in spring 2021, is one of them!

Tastings, workshops and many other on-site activities will allow you to meet local producers, artisans and chefs.

  1. Decorate the table!

Dress up your table by purchasing dishes, placemats and centrepieces from your favourite Quebec artisans. Many neighbourhood shops offer tableware and these finds are sure to create unique arrangements that will impress your guests! !


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