Five playlists for Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day!

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  1. Québécois 1990-2019

    From Daniel Bélanger to Jean Leloup, not forgetting Les Colocs and the Cowboys Fringants, travel through almost 30 years of classics with this playlist!

  2. Québécois (Party de St-Jean) 
    24 hours of songs to celebrate “la belle province” like it should be done! You will definitely be spoiled for choice and we assure you that every generation will be delighted with the artists to be found here.

  3. Québécois feux de camps
    Get out the marshmallows, settle in next to the fire, and start up this playlist for a marvelous evening of music. 

  4. Bonne St-Jean 
    Combining recent hits with classics, this playlist is ideal if you love discovering new titles and styles of music.

  5. Top 100 chansons québécoises francophones
    In this 100% Quebec playlist of a hundred or so songs, you will be able to enjoy Robert Charlesbois, Plume Latraverse, Beau Dommage and Jean Leloup, among others.

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