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As part of Québoom’s initiatives, we are pleased to present our 100% Québécois movie programme. Indeed, our residents will be able to attend Québécois movies all summer long! Some will even be able to enjoy them in an open-air setting.  

Here are the movies that will be screened in our complexes (please note that they are available in French only):


  • De père en flic 2

    Relations between Jacques Laroche and his son Marc are still tense. The two cops are forced to work together again when they have to infiltrate couples’ “bootcamp” in order to get close to the right-hand man of the head of the Mafia, who is in group therapy with his wife. Jacques becomes the psychologist’s assistant while Marc undergoes therapy with his girlfriend, Alice. Since they are struggling as a couple they hope to kill two birds with one stone by saving their relationship while carrying out their mission. But things are more complicated than they seem…



    Simon lies as easily as he breathes. His friends and family are so fed up that they organize an intervention hoping that their son, brother, friend and colleague will realize that he has a problem. But Simon refuses to face the truth… until one morning when he wakes up and sees that his lies have become reality. His boss is now a hopeless drunk, he has scars from a self-proclaimed stay in Afghanistan, and his twin brother has become the unluckiest man in the world. With his brother’s help, and that of a new friend, Simon tries to fix his lies and get back to normal life.


    Il pleuvait des oiseaux

    Charlie, Tom and Boychuck live secluded in the woods, far from the troubles of the city. Their daily life is turned upside down by the death of their leader and the arrival of a luminous old woman who has been unjustly institutionalized all her life. A photographer looking for witnesses to the great fires that swept through the area also shows up at their door and upsets their peaceful life when she discovers magnificent paintings of the famous deadly fires. Destinies intertwine in an ode to time and to love.


    Pieds nus dans l’aube

    In February 1927, Félix Leclerc finishes 12th grade. While delivering wood with his father and brothers, he meets Fidor, a young man from a deprived background, very different from the people he is used to. The two boys become great friends but have to part when Félix must leave to study at a classical college in Ottawa. Although well aware of his luck at such an opportunity, Félix fears leaving his family and all the familiar things that he cares about deeply.


    Ask your entertainment director about scheduled screenings and upcoming movies in your residence.

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