Reading club: Our residents' recommendations

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A large number of our residents are big readers. We have therefore listed their Quebec favourites to inspire you to read authors from here.


  1. L’homme de la rivière by Janine Tessier

A recommendation from Madame Louisette Morin of our Sélection Retraite Les Quartiers des Rivières residence. This historical novel recalls the time when the government gave away land for clearing and cultivation. Inspired by real events, the three volumes in this series feature a persistent businessman as well as several endearing characters. Madame Morin also told us that this was the first time she had read anything by this author, but it certainly won't be the last!


2. Docteure IRMA by Pauline Gill 

Madeleine Bureau-Lavoie of the Sélection Retraite Cours du Moulin, meanwhile, invites us to discover the story of Irma, founder of Hôpital Ste-Justine and Hôpital l'Enfant-Jésus, who was also the first female doctor to practice in the country. Madame Bureau-Lavoie loves the fact that the author shares the experiences of inspiring women who would probably have remained anonymous without the writing of this literary work.


3.Le noeud des racines by Odile Brunet 

This poetry collection was suggested to us by Madame Geneviève Danière Solasse of La Roseraie residence. She adored the harmony expressed between simple everyday gestures, nature and childhood games mentioned. She also very much appreciated the general atmosphere of the work, which is marked by calm and tenderness. Recently published in a Les écrits d’à côté edition, it's a perfect summer read that is sure to give you a moment of sweetness.


4. La poussière du temps by Michel David

Unfolding in Montreal in the 1940s, the novel kept Madame Yvette Pelchat on the edge of her seat. She even got up in the night to keep reading! Our resident of the Sélection Retraite Victoriaville residence says she adored the family story that is told here and highly recommends this four-volume series.


5. Du côté des Laurentides by Louise Tremblay-D’Essiambre

It’s the turn of Madame Marie-Andrée Gagnon, resident of Les Marronniers de Lévis residence, to tell us about her favourite. She adores the author of Du côté des Laurentides who, through the series, relates historical facts about regions of Quebec. A wonderful local read to add to your list.



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