Seasonal fruits and vegetables on the menu

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Reconnect with your Quebec roots by eating seasonally! Fresh, tasty and healthy, local food has nothing to envy food from elsewhere. Here is a summary of the fruits and vegetables on offer until the end of summer.


Berries, beets and green vegetables are the stars of July! Broccoli and zucchini will be your greatest allies for your evening BBQs, while kale and beets will nicely garnish your salads.

As for raspberries, it probably isn’t necessary to mention that they are delicious at any time of day! 


In August, there is something for every taste! After the heat of July, the harvest is in full swing and it’s the turn of carrots, tomatoes, beans, leeks and eggplant to decorate our plates.

As for fruit, blueberries, cantaloupe and watermelon are on the menu. In fact, they make an excellent trio in a fruit salad!

The hot season slowly gives way to autumn days. It's the ideal moment to go for a walk in an orchard and taste the freshly gathered apples. And don't pass up the sweet peppers which are also at their best in September!

Throughout the year!
Even though summer is the best time to add local foods to your diet, certain fruits and vegetables are available all year! Cranberries, mushrooms, potatoes and cabbage are some examples. What’s more, the variety of greenhouse vegetables offered in Quebec, the preserves or jams, allow us to eat our favourite fruits and vegetables, no matter the season.

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